We hire people because of the individual talents and promise they bring to the table. But managers need to make sure that people work together and use that talent in synergy, to get the highest performance from everyone and realise their potential.

Humphrey Walters, who is best known for helping the World Cup winning England Rugby Team with their team development, wrote a case study of the 1996 Global Challenge in which he took part. Deemed as the ‘worlds toughest yacht race’, this race was the perfect setting to study the leadership and team building factors needed for survival and high level performance in difficult, changeable environment. A study which can easily be transferred from competitive sport to the boardroom in today’s market conditions.

Here’s Humphrey’s high performance check list:

  • Have a clear strategic intent
  • Develop high performance behaviours
  • Motivate the individuals within the team
  • Provide clear job specification and success criteria
  • Concentrate on essential management skills
  • Set high personal standards
  • Regularly review the above

Business is largely determined by the skills and behaviors of your employees, success in business is how these employees work together to take victory to that next level.