APSCo stacked RGB emails and websitesAPSCo has announced that it has appointed Fiona Lander as Head of Professional Development in a move that will see the launch, in January, of a new APSCo professional training division.

“I am excited to be taking this pivotal role in creating a professional development offering for APSCo (who we have supported and been affiliate members of, for many years)” Said Fiona – “an offering which will include the CMI qualification in recruitment leadership which Lander developed with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and an open course programme initially encompassing the full 101 series which will be redesigned for APSCo and re-branded  (including the Recruitment 101 course many of you rely on as part of your onboarding.)

This new role gives me the opportunity to develop a portfolio of training products which will be responsive to the needs of the members, shaping a training division that will have the customer at its very centre and arming recruiters with professional training that will really mean something. This is the beginning of a new era for APSCo – we have a ground floor opportunity to build a solid, customer centric and quality driven professional development division.

I am also passionate and dedicated to continuing on as Lander and providing my valued clients with the same in-company tailored, training provision, coaching and consultancy we always have. We will no longer be offering open programmes. So, we will be rebranding Lander Associates as Lander Consultancy. PR about this rebrand will go out around mid December but here is a quick advanced glimpse of the new look and name.


My fantastic team of trainers will be supporting both, so you will still be able to have your favourites deliver your training whether on open courses (APSCo) or bespoke in-company (Lander Consultancy).

All open courses and the CMI will be accessed via the APSCo platform. As APSCo members you will benefit from preferred rates for all your training.

When you need tailored, culture driven in-company provision, if APSCo cannot deliver, then Lander Consultancy can provide this bespoke service.

We are all very excited about this new opportunity to continue to help raise the bar in recruitment and provide specific, focused training and consultancy to the international recruitment community.”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me. Keep an eye on all our social media for updates. We will also be sending out lots of news and info during December and January via email to keep you fully informed.

Read APSCo’s press release in full