We know how important a successful induction program is for both employee and employer.  It is key for retention and at a time where the job market is still suffering this is vital.

A recent survey carried out by XpertHR found that a huge 91% of HR professionals believe that a successful induction process is the most important part of an employee’s training. Yet nearly half of employers surveyed felt that the induction process in their organisation was in need of a major overhaul.

So why are current induction programmes not working?

The research by XpertHR found that the main reason was due to a lack of involvement by the direct line manager of the new starter.  In fact 61% of respondents cited this as the reason for an unsuccessful induction, with other reasons being a lack of investment by the company in its induction process, and lack of training for those carrying out inductions.

Here at Lander Associates, we work very hard with our clients to ensure their induction program works. We offer 3 month inductions for all new starters, putting all the processes in place and making sure everyone in their organisations is involved and has everything they need.  And more than that, we practice what we preach! All our new starters are given a thorough induction course, and we have reaped the benefits with a very low staff turnover rate. Successful inductions are key to keeping your employees and organisations need to take note of this.

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