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Help Your Candidate Present the Best CV

Help Your Candidate Present the Best CV

A well crafted CV can help your candidate get that all important foot in the door – first impressions count!

A good CV should:

5 Powerful Reasons to Be a Transparent Leader

Transparent Leadership

People want to exist in an environment with less surprises and more trust. Transparency and authenticity are powerful tools! Here are 5 reasons to be a more transparent leader:
1. Problems are solved faster  open discussion enables your team to work together more effectively to solve problems Continue reading “5 Powerful Reasons to Be a Transparent Leader”

Hard Work Will Get You There

Hard work will get you there

Why do some people stand out from their colleagues and their competitors? Is it natural talent or a gift for recruiting? Some-times, but more often than not it’s down to sheer hard work.

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Speak to Your Clients, Not Their Voicemail


How many call backs are in your diary right now? 

Yes, I thought so!

We’ve all done it – had a conversation with a prospective client and at the end, just delighted to still be talking with them, we say “Great, thanks Brian, let’s talk again. I will diarise a call in a months time, speak to you then”

So in it goes in our diary for the same time next month. Only we don’t know whether they will be available then and as it was a “speak soon” type of agreement which they haven’t thought about either. Even then, a monthly call may be too frequent – or infrequent.

So what can we do instead? Try this:

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Be on Your Tiptoes to Take Advantage of the Temp Market in 2016!


2016 is taking advantage of flexible workforce to handle the peaks and troughs of business  in the current market. Finding great temps and contract staff is the recipe for success. You need to build your store cupboard for maximum results. Here are some tips to help:

Continue reading “Be on Your Tiptoes to Take Advantage of the Temp Market in 2016!”

Market Knowledge is a Must!


How much do you know about your market? How up to date are you with what’s going on?  Clients and candidates will be keen to keep in touch with someone who knows the market (their market) inside out.

The easiest and most consistent ways of doing that are to;

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The First Six Months – 3 Things to Consider in Your New Management Job


So you’ve secured a new management or team leader role in a new company? Now what? Before you get too comfortable, you should know that your biggest challenge still lies ahead; making the role a success.

The first six months of a new management role are critical. This is when you set the expectations for the rest of your tenure and when people will be keen to know what you have to offer.

Here are the three important things to do when starting a new management job:

Continue reading “The First Six Months – 3 Things to Consider in Your New Management Job”

4 Compelling Reasons Why Recruitment Businesses Are Outsourcing


Business is booming and the demand for staff is increasing daily. We are back to a market where, for many businesses, the candidate is king and great candidates are hard to find, hard to recruit and even harder to retain.

Even so, clients are still focussing on driving down recruitment costs. Many more are engaging with RPO’s and MSP’s and recruiters are finding that previously valued relationships have been replaced by a series of cold transactions. Some choose to walk away, whilst others are determined to keep a toe in the water, anticipating the potential for a cyclical change in strategy that will bring the client back on to a relationship based way of working again. How do you continue to supply but not invest your best recruiters time and skills for an often low return?

Continue reading “4 Compelling Reasons Why Recruitment Businesses Are Outsourcing”

The Challenge of Closing

The challenge of closing can be daunting, especially during tight times. Clients are reluctant to close deals and the decision making process has become 22% longer (SiriusDecisions) and typically there are three more decision makers participating in the buying process, meaning we have to work harder to close that deal. We often feel if we push too hard we may annoy the client but at the same time being too timid may let that deal slip away. Continue reading “The Challenge of Closing”

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